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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

The Perfect GiftThe Perfect GiftThe Perfect Gift

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1444 US HWY 1, Cary PLT, ME 04471

About Us

What is Das NiederHiltz Haus?

At Das NiederHiltz Haus, Suzanne Hiltz, formerly known as Suzanne Niederer, has merged her family heritages under one roof. Both maiden and married names of German and Swiss German decent gave inspiration and eventually birth to the unique business name. Along with a taste of home, The Haus also sells hand-crafted gifts: knitted dish cloths, hand-sewn purses, aprons, blankets, curtains, bags, table cloths, table runners, log carriers, and a wide variety of other hand-sewn items. Braided rugs are among the specialty items you can order. Suzie up-cycles and re-cycles everything from paper to cloth scraps to yarn scraps to bark on a tree and cat tails. You’ll have to come check out what’s in store today! You can also find wood-crafted gifts and greeting cards at The Haus. Because we use mainly re-cycled/up-cycled material there is no guarantee of duplicates of anything. It’s all unique, just like our name. 

At Das NiederHiltz Haus

A taste of home. Not just any home, but the Hiltz Homestead. Suzie cooks and bakes delicious meals from as many fresh, whole, and quality ingredients as possible. Many of those ingredients are from their gardens, berry patches and local farms.

About Suzie

About me: Because I think it’s important for people to know where their food and retail items come from, how it’s grown or made, and who is in charge of it all. I was born in Grayling, MI to Fred and Anita Niederer, the 5th of 9 children. We moved to Maine when I was a baby so most of my memories and upbringing were cultivated in this beautiful state of Maine. My parents had gardens that I helped to sow and reap from. They had meals that I learned to prepare and cook. I was assisting in the bread making earlier than 6 years old; and by the time I was in middle school I could take over any part of the process and finish it. My oldest sister, Juliette, taught me to bake the Thanksgiving Turkey around 10 years old. I enjoyed many school nights and Saturdays in the kitchen. Since marrying my high school sweetheart, Jeremy Hiltz, we have worked together to provide a wholesome way of life for our 5 children, including gardens, berry patches, raising chickens, homemade meals, thrifting and more. Thrifting is an aspect of life that is both financially sustainable and rewarding, and is the backbone for most of my crafts/gifts ideas. I believe that God gave us this earth to take care of and enjoy. That’s what I plan to do with my life and with The Haus.

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Hey there! Didn't see what you like? No problem. Send us an email and we can discuss how to better meet your needs. Suzie loves to hear your ideas and will try her best to accommodate you. If you're local and want to stop by The Haus storefront to talk in person you can always make arrangements to meet Suzie via email. Thank you!

Das NiederHiltz Haus

US Route 1, Cary Plt, Maine 04471, United States

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